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California Bowl - Single
California Bowl - SingleCalifornia Bowl - SingleCalifornia Bowl - SingleCalifornia Bowl - Single
  • 100% USDA certified ground turkey.

  • Complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance.

  • Gluten, grain, wheat, soy, corn free.

  • 36 calories per ounce.


Handcrafted fresh meals for dogs.

Turkey and red bell pepper, with black bean, egg, potato, spinach, reduced fat cheddar cheese, avocado oil, parsley, salt, and all natural Woofpak vitamin mix®

Fresh Turkey

Turkey is lean with a high protein content. Among the many benefits it helps strengthen bones and teeth for the long term.

Red Bell Pepper

A miraculous vegetable with many health benefits including maintaining eye health, boosting the immune system and digestive health. 

Avocado Oil

Pressed from the fleshy pulp of the avocado, it is full of healthy fats that improves health and boosts nutrient absorption.

Guaranteed Analysis





11.7% (Min)

6% (Min)

1.4% (Max)

75% (Max)

Why woofpak?

Only fresh ingredients.

Our meals are 100% natural with high-quality meats, fruits and veggies and contain zero artificial preservatives.

Designed for your dog.

Designed to exceed AAFCO standards, pet nutritionist formulated, handcrafted by chefs and recommended by veterinarians. 

Shinier coat, healthier skin.

Some of the changes you can expect: more energy, less allergies, shinier coat, less waste and better digestion.

Picky eaters approved.

It's time to unleash the inner foodie in your dog. That's why our chefs created fun, tasty recipes that'll have your pup begging for more!

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