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About Woofpak®

Woofpak delivers ready-to-serve, freshly made meals, toppers and treats to support your dog’s unique nutritional needs. Woofpak is made in human-grade kitchen facilities in the USA with carefully sourced ingredients, cooked at low-temperatures (to retain nutrients while killing off any bacteria) in small batches. Our recipes are formulated by a certified animal nutritionist to be complete and balanced for your pup. They also meet AAFCO standards and go through the same safety hoops that companies do to make human food.

Our recipes are made up of high-quality meat from family-run farms all over the USA. Each of our farm partners go through a rigorous certification process and our beef, chicken, pork, lamb and turkey are humanely raised without any added hormones. In addition to protein, our recipes contain fruits, veggies, and superfoods for you pup —no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Because we’re obsessed with quality, our team tests every batch of Woofpak to make sure it’s 100% safe to consume before we ship it to you.

Feeding pups a diet made with natural, freshly cooked ingredients does wonders for their overall health and well-being, increasing energy levels, making their coat shinier, their breath smell better, helping manage weight and even extending their life by up to three years!

Our mission is to improve the lives of pet parents and pups everywhere by putting nutritious food in every dog’s bowl.

We cook all of our meal toppers and treats onsite in Orange County, CA

Our food

All our food comes straight from local farms to your pup's bowl: our Meat & Fish, fruit and vegetables from California farms, cakes from our Barkery, and cheese, milk and yogurt from California camels.

When we don’t make a product in our kitchen, we source from local artisan suppliers we know and trust, and who share in our commitment to quality and sustainability. You can visit our pet kitchen to see for yourself how our yummy meals are made,  and how our snout-watering food is produced.

One of the most awesome things about feeding your dog a healthy diet made with real ingredients is that they actually love eating it—unlike how a lot of humans feel about eating so-called healthy food. Not only does it taste delicious, but their bodies crave the quality protein and healthy fats that come from the real ingredients in Woofpak. We can personally attest that almost every type of dog (especially the picky eaters!) devours our food. We've even won a number of awards! However, if your dog doesn’t like one of our recipes, reach out to our Team at and our team can help!

Upset stommies are the worst—for dogs and humans. And they can be caused by any number of factors: an allergy, an inability to break down certain nutrients, but most commonly it is due to the new diet causing disruption of the good bugs in your dog’s gut (called the microbiome). If you transition over a period of time it will give your dog’s microbiome time to adapt to the new diet.

To ensure a smooth and easy adjustment to the new diet, slowly transition over 10 days, with each step lasting about two days:

Days 1-3, serve 25% of the whole portion size of the new food mixed with 75% old food
Days 4-6, serve 50% of the new food mixed with 50% of the old food
Days 7-10, serve 75% of the new food mixed with 25% of the old food
Day 11+, serve 100% of the new food

Woofpak meals are made from natural ingredients, however they are not all certified organic. We believe that the quality of ingredients we source and the overall nutritional value of the food is more important.

Great news! Our meals can be used as a topper with your pup's current food or it can be used as a complete and balanced meal. The choice is up to you and your pup.

All our meals have been developed according to AAFCO standards and provide completed and balanced nutrition for maintenance.

Our meals can be used for all life stages. Puppies may need up to twice the amount of food listed  for an adult dog.

We hear from humans almost every day about how our food has made their pups healthier and happier (and exponentially more excited about mealtime). Our recipes are AAFCO-compliant and great for dogs at all stages of life—but if your dog has a history of pancreatitis, you should consult your vet about whether they need a special diet. Veterinarians recommend that most dogs who are at risk for pancreatitis eat low fat foods, so chicken and turkey may be more suitable as a protein source than beef or lamb. It depends on the severity of your pup’s condition, so you could ask your vet if you can use Woofpak as a topper instead.

We hear from humans almost every day about how our food has made their pups healthier and happier (and exponentially more excited about mealtime). While our recipes are AAFCO-compliant and great for all dogs, diabetic dogs may have special requirements that your veterinarian can tell you more about, so be sure to consult them first.

Along with proper insulin therapy, the most important part of feeding a diabetic dog is consistency: The meals should be similar in nutrient content and fed on a schedule in coordination with the insulin schedule. Dogs should be kept at a healthy weight, too. Woofpak meals fulfill the basic requirements for diabetic dogs, as they have good levels of soluble fiber (through ingredients like pumpkin and peas). And while there is no established glycemic index for dogs, our diets are high in protein and low in those simple carbohydrates believed to cause spikes in blood glucose.


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Due to modified operations to ensure the healthy and safety of our fulfillment team, please allow up to five business days for order processing. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified operations across Woofpak in several ways to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities. Because of these changes, you may find that your Woofpak experience is a little different than you are used to. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your patience and understanding—please bear with us.

Our pet kitchen is open to walkup traffic with contactless service and modified operations, but business hours may vary. Please call us to make sure it is open.

Our team is working tirelessly to keep our kitchen safe. But we can’t do it alone and we need you to do your part.

Masks are required to enter our building—for the safety of our team and you.

There is a four-pack minimum per order—each shipment needs to have at least four quarts.

Please allow up to five business days for order processing. We cannot guarantee a specific day, when your order will be delivered.  Please prepare to have enough food for your pup in advance.

We will ship your order as soon as possible and your account will be updated via email with tracking information as soon as the status of your order changes.

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Since we cook in small batches weekly, If you don’t see a flavor you are looking for, it’s currently unavailable or out of stock and will return soon.