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Feline Complete + Joint Mobility

A complete all-in-one supplement for cats with the additional benefit of nutraceuticals for maintaining healthy joints! Wholistic Feline Complete Joint Mobility™ is based on a unique blend of pure, super-premium ingredients including:

    • Shark cartilage-- unique angiogenesis-inhibiting properties.
    • Glucosamine—a natural building block of cartilage that is used in the rebuilding process of cartilage
    • MSM—helps maintain normal, healthy connective tissue in joints; helps control symptoms of joint discomfort
    • Patented Ester C®—the most effective, Body–Ready™ form of Vitamin C, which research has shown to be a necessary and vital component of cartilage formation; powerful antioxidant.
    • Feline Digest All Plus™ enzyme complex—aids in maintaining normal, healthy digestive function.